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Upholstery Cleaning In East Devon


 Having your upholstery cleaned will make it last longer, keep it looking fresher and also help remove allergens from you home or work place. Your soft furnishings are an expensive item so it's important that they're regulary cleaned to remove the soiling that causes abrasion and fibre damage.


The cleaning of soft furnishings should always be carried out with the greatest care and it's not something that should be attempted without the relevant training as over wetting, colour damage and shrinkage can very easily happen.


 All of our work is carried out to the British standard BSPAS46.


Your upholstery will be treated to the cleaning process below.


 Pre inspection – A detailed survey of your upholstery is carried out to determine the fibre types, spots and stains and suitability for cleaning


 Dry soil extraction – Using a commercial vacumm cleaner. This stage removes up to 80% of dry soil.


 Pre spray treatment – A pre spray or other cleaning agent is applied to break down soiling.


Agitation – The pre-spray is gently massaged into the fabric to free soiling for complete removal


 Rinse/soil extraction – Powerful rinse and extraction to remove soiling and moisture that will leave most upholstery touch dry.


 Inspect for spots/Stains – A final treatment with specialist solutions to ensure best chance of removal


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