Carpet Cleaning

Fully trained and insured you can rest assured all aspects of our cleaning will be carried out to your satisfaction. There will be minimal drying times normally somewhere between 2-4 hours and you will be able to walk on the carpets immediately after cleaning.

Your carpets will be treated to the Eight stage cleaning process below.

Pre-Inspection –  A complete inspection of your carpets where we test the fibre type and construction of your carpets also identifying individual stains.

 Dry soil extraction – Using a commercial vacumm cleaner. This stage removes up to 80% of dry soil.

Pre-spray – A pre-conditioning agent is applied to break down the soiling. Individual stains are treated with the appropriate solutions to give the optimum chance of removal.                                               

 Agitation – After letting the pre-conditioning agent settle into the fibres loosening the trapped soil the carpet is gently agitated to ensure all the carpet fibres are treated.

 Soil Extraction and Rinse – Using a fresh water rinse and the most powerful, professional, portable, carpet and upholstery cleaning machine available we will simultaneously extract soiling and moisture, avoiding the danger of overwetting.                                                                                                             

 Post-Spot – Inspect the carpet again and if any stubborn stains remain, they will receive extra treatment with specialist solutions to ensure the best chance of removal.

 Carpet Groom – The carpets are groomed to lift the carpet pile to aid faster drying, this also sets the pile making the carpet look fantastic!

Final Inspection – We will inspect the carpets on completion of the work and check that you are thrilled with the results – Your carpets will be left beautifully clean and fresh!

I would love you to see how great your carpets can look !!!

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